If you have a certain skill set and you want to earn money out of that the first thing you have to do is to brand and market yourself. Branding and marketing is one of the tough jobs which has to be done in order to make you familier to the clients who are in need of you. Most of the people who want to be a freelancer land up in searching employment in some firm or other due to lack of client base. We here at act as a bridge between you and your client .

Marketing and branding is an important part in Freelancing

To get the clients for you you have to advertise yourself, showcase your portfolio, for example if you are a website developer you have to showcase some of the best websites you have developed, the reviews of your past clients competitors in the market who are doing the same job and also who has been working for a long time and grown as a brand.

So you must make a survey of the prices for the services your competitors are offering at present. The best way to get more traffic is to keep your price lower then the market or you can say you can keep your profit margin low for the same services other competitors are giving for higher rates.In this way you can get more clients and at the end of the day you would find that your revenue amount is more than your compititors.

Communicate with your clients in a free way in order to understand their actual need. Make sure you are not just a freelancer, but someone who understands business, and present yourself as someone who works with the clients. Always keep in mind Success won’t come overnight. You have to build your reputation, and you have to build your client base. This takes time, so have a backup plan in the mean time.



We at would help you in branding yourself and marketing your products and services so that you can get your client base ready by our help and move towards self-sufficiency.

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