Few Steps which may assist you in hiring.

Hiring a candidate for a particular position is a step-by step process. We should follow if we want to get a perfect match for the position organizations are hiring.

Firstly you must know what type of candidate with what skill-set and experience fits the position you are hiring for.



The first step is to announce the position you like to hire for. Next is to collect the resumes of the suitable candidates and shortlist from them. Further Short listing candidates from the resumes collected is as well equally important. For instance, shortlist minimum 15 resumes from the top. Which you think fits your requirement, best if you have more than one positions to hire. Inform the shortlisted candidates about the interview date and positions well in advance..


In the second place comes the interview rounds. It is suggested to keep minimum 3 to 4 rounds in order to understand the candidates skill set and aptitude. You can filter candidates from there. Moreover there can be written as well as face –to- face interviews.

From the written tests you can understand about the skill set of the candidate but the face –to –face interview gives you a in-depth knowledge of their skills and qualifications, important personality, traits, and level of enthusiasm for the role and company. Likewise ask job and industry specific questions. So that you can find the right person for your business. Similarly choosing the right person can be difficult. To make a decision, reflect on what you learned about your candidate’s skills, personality and experience from their resumes, interviews and references. Now consider how your candidates will fit with your team and company culture. You can compare and take notes with anyone else who was involved in the hiring process.


Some of the common questions to be asked to the candidates are-
Can you confirm the candidate’s job title, responsibilities, start and end dates, etc.?
How long have you known/worked with the candidate?
Tell me about what it’s like to work with the previous companies.
Why did they leave the position?
What are their biggest strengths and weaknesses?
Why should I hire this candidate?

Importantly point in face-to face interview is that it should be more like a conversation than a question answer session. Know about the candidates aspiration and expectations. Know why they have left their previous companies. You must listen to the candidate actively and carefully. These information would help you to gauge whether the candidate would fit your company work culture and down the line how many years would the candidate work for your company.



Finally its time to extend offer letter to the candidate. The offer letter should include salary structure, incentives(if any) benefits, start date, etc. Furthermore be prepared to handle your legal obligations eg. labour laws as per the government rules at the time of hiring the candidates.

Lastly conduct a induction process to give a warm welcome. Equally important to the new hires in a way that it becomes easy for the new hires to mingle with the co-workers and higher management.

Hope this knowledge will help you while hiring next time. Till then Take Care.

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